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Kroger Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Hours 2011 – Grocery Stores Open Late on December 24 and December 25

The biggest grocery retailer, by far, in the United States is Kroger.  Almost all Kroger stores throughout the country will be packed with shoppers looking to make last minute food purchases.  Some of these individuals may be looking for Kroger Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours in 2011 as they hope to get all of the necessities.

Kroger has a strong hold in Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee so it should come as no surprise to see some of the following areas being packed with Kroger Shoppers:


It is usually the case that most Kroger locations close at 6:00 or 7:00 pm on Christmas Eve.  With this in mind it might be smart to get to the grocery store early as there will be very few options to shop late on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day.  Walgreens and CVS locations throughout the United States will be open late on Christmas Eve as many locations will be open until midnight.  There are a few 24 hour stores throughout the USA that stay open the entire night of Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.

Before accepting that all stores are closed on Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day it might be smart to do a little bit of extra homework.  You may find that there are a few restaurants and grocery stores open that can help you get some food to get through the next 24 or 48 hours.  Now that Christmas is over millions of Americans will get back to reality.  Some individuals will need money assistance in the near future so it will likely be true that many look for Capital One Bad Credit Credit Cards.  Before borrowing money with bad credit remember that high interest rates are quite likely.

Kroger Christmas Eve Hours 2011 – QRR, Walter, the Daily